Responding to the Complex Pastoral Challenges at a Parish Level

In every faith community there are many complex pastoral challenges in relation to same sex relationships.  How do we balance upholding orthodoxy and yet being genuinely inclusive? How do we support families with same sex attracted members? How do we hold together in an area with a wide range of views and responses as well as a high level of emotion? How do we keep the doors for conversation open? Can having a well-crafted set of pastoral guidelines help?

Bishop Stephen Hale is Lead Minister of St Hilary’s, a multi-site church in the inner east of Melbourne. He is Chair of EFAC Australia and a member of the EFAC International Executive Committee; Chair of Christian Coach Institute; and Chair of Arrow Leadership: International Development. He is a member of General Synod and was formerly Bishop of the Eastern Region of the Diocese of Melbourne. Stephen is married to Karen with two adult children.