Marriage in the New Testament

As the Anglican Church of Australia considers its response to popular and legal changes to the shape of marriage in Australia, it is essential to reflect on the picture of marriage painted in the Bible. In particular, what does the New Testament say about who marriage is for, the purpose of marriage and the essential nature of marriage? And how should the New Testament’s view of marriage shape our doctrine and behaviour in the Anglican Church of Australia today?

Rev Natalie Rosner, formerly a lawyer, is an Associate Minister at St Hilary’s, Kew and the Director of the Peter Corney Training Centre. In the past she has been a chaplain and faculty member at Mary Andrews College, Sydney and has also held a number of different ministry positions in Anglican churches in both Sydney and Melbourne. Natalie is a Vice-President of the New Cranmer Council, a Lay Ministry Examining Chaplain for the Diocese of Melbourne, and writes for Fixing Her Eyes. She is married to Brian and has one son and three step-children.