Keyboard Stands (St Silas)

At Silas' hall we have two keyboard X-stands. These stands live behind the main curtain when not in use. Please search there before you start setting up your keyboard.

Newer X stand (standing up to play)

The newer X-stand is recommended for keyboard players who like to stand while playing. The bright chrome adjusting mechanism makes it very easy to alter the keyboard height to suit different players. It's also lighter and easier to move around.

Older X stand (sitting down to play)

The older X-stand is recommended for players who prefer to sit while playing. This 40-yr-old stand is very slow and difficult to adjust. It's also heavier. Something to watch out for: a thoughtfully-placed 'trouser-ripper' cable hook, intended for cables plugged into the rear of the keyboard.

 A seated position makes it easier to use both a damper pedal and a soft pedal for music requiring a more expressive piano ton