Stream iOS Camera Live to TVs

Stream an iPad or iPhone to the televisions in St Silas hall.  Good for live demonstrations, baptism, etc.

Step 1 — Connect device to Wifi

Ensure device is WiFi connected to StHilsNetwork, not StSilasMixer.

Step 2 — Run Reflector 2 on Mac

Finder > Applications > Reflector 2

 Ensure Mac is WiFi connected to StHilsNetwork.

Step 3 — Turn on both televisions

Ensure front television is set to input HDMI 1: ProPresenter

Step 4 — Airplay device to St Silas iMac

On iPad/iPhone, turn on Airplay and mirror device to St Silas iMac.

Swipe up from the bottom middle of the screen. Select AirPlay, then select St Silas iMac and turn Mirroring on.

 Ensure that Reflector is displayed on the secondary monitor feeding to the TVs