Stage reset (St Silas)

For external and outdoor events, we have 9 mic cables so we don't need to rip mic cables in and out of the multicore. These new cables are located in a new labelled tub in the cupboard to the left of the music cupboard (St Silas Music External). The cupboards on the back wall have been rekeyed to the main door key.

Step 1 — Reset stage

Input channels (green numbers in the diagram):
1) Vox 1
2) Vox 2
3) Vox 3
4) Vox 4
5) Guitar (DI)
6) Bass (DI)
7) Keyboard 1 (DI)
8) Keyboard 2 / Organ / Violin / other (DI)

Output channels (light numbers in the diagram):
A) Monitor 1
B) Monitor 2
C) Monitor 3
G) Left send
H) Right send

 Please encourage your team to keep St Silas beautiful!

Step 2 — Pack up

Store excess microphone stands, music stands and instruments/cases on the UPPER STAGE behind fully closed curtains. Storing them against the wall in the hall is not suitable and storing them in the breezeway next to the hall is a safety hazard.

Store microphones and radio/wireless mics in the back music cupboard.

Store iPads in the iPad charging dock in the music cupboard. Please ensure they are put back on to charge.

 Ensure that the music cupboard is locked before you leave.