Keyboard Phase Cancellation fix (St Hils)

The Korg Kronos presents a phase cancellation issue. How this manifests is a thin sounding keyboard that sounds like someone’s running it through a bad telephone speaker.

The problem occurs because the stereo sounds are in different phases in some places in the frequency spectrum, but not all; if it were all, the sound would disappear completely. It would seem that the main place we hear the cancellation is in the lower frequency, leaving the keyboard sounding bodiless.

A quick fix is to unplug one channel of the keyboard – that’s the easiest way to hear the difference – but then you’ve only got one panned channel in the FOH. The better answer is to send only one channel of the stereo keyboard to the foldback, but keep the stereo sound in the FOH. With most of our current setups this is not possible because the keyboard channels are linked – if you send one to foldback you send both.

To unlink piano channels in foldback and send only one channel:


Step 1 — Select Channel Job until tab is “CH LINK”

Step 2 — In the lower section of the screen, use the cursor buttons to highlight “MIX SEND”

Step 3 — Hit the ENTER button and the highlighted box will go dark

You have now unlinked the keys (and all the other stereo linked channels) to the foldback and effects sends; you can now individually send left or right (or both – but we’ve gone to a bit of trouble here to avoid that…) to the foldback mixes.

The FOH link is maintained, as is the headamp, dynamics, fader, channel on, mute and EQ links.

This is detailed on page 124 of the LS9 manual if you want to read more about it.

There are other ways of achieving the same result; this one alters your ‘normal’ settings the least.

 This procedure zeroes all of the stereo sends to both foldback and effects, so make sure you add them back.