Sound Gear: Outdoor sound setup (St Silas)

Step 1 — Run power to garden

Run yellow extension cord from building to garden. You will need a few extension cords and powerboards handy.


Step 2 — Setup speakers and foldback

Get 3 monitors from the hall. Raise 2 speakers, left and right, and use the third one as foldback for band.


Step 3 — Hook up speakers

Run long cables (labelled Evan) from Ch1 on L & R speakers to output on mixer. Run one more cable (XLR) from Output on L or R speaker and daisy chain to Ch 1 on foldback monitor. Power up 3 speakers with volume down. Run RCA to 3.5mm cable from 2TK/IN on mixer to phone or iPod to test speakers.


Step 4 — Setup Evan's PA mini mixer PA

Power up the mixer. Turn on the iPod to test speakers. Turn up 2TK Level to 75% (above Main Level bottom right knob). Turn up Main Level to 50-75% (bottom right knob). Power up each speaker and slowly turn up the volume on Ch 1 on the rear of each speaker.


Step 5 — Plug in instruments

Plug in the instruments and microphones between Channels 1 -8. Mic & line/in for Channels 1-4 Instruments for Channels 1-8

 Ensure Gain is pulled down on each channel to start.


Step 6 — Raise gain & level

Raise the gain & level for each channel.

Basic EQ (Hi and Low) & panning is also available.