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Luke in One Night

  • St Hilary's Kew 12 John St Kew (map)
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Come and learn what’s distinctive about the Gospel of Luke in comparison with the other three Gospels we find in the New Testament before we start our Uncover series.

This hour on Luke will provide an overview of the Gospel’s shape (how Luke has arranged his Gospel) and purpose (why Luke wrote it). In the process we’ll also note the key themes and distinctives of Luke in comparison to the other Gospels.


Our presenter, Anthea McCall teaches New Testament, Anglican formation, and is the Dean of Students at Ridley College. She is also well-known to many of us because she was a minister at St Hilary’s and St Silas for 13 years!  To her, Luke is a special Gospel. Did you know that about half of Luke’s Gospel consists of material not found in the other three accounts? Luke is also rich in describing God’s heart for the lost and the least. And it’s also the first volume of a two-part-work with Acts. Together, Luke-Acts gives a picture of God’s plan of salvation for all humanity, and how we’re called to be involved in it.