Marriage Preparation

Getting Married?

Prepare well for your married life by doing our Marriage Preparation Intensive. Improve your relationship skills whilst exploring your strength and growth areas.

The course has two sessions:Wednesday August 9th: 7.30-9.30pm & Saturday August 12th 10.00am- 3.30pm (includes lunch)

This program is designed to help couples celebrate their strengths and identify their growth areas and encourage them to dialogue about their relationship in meaningful and productive ways. Additionally, the program aims to increase practical relationship skills in Communication, Conflict Resolution, Closeness, Flexibility, and Financial management and increase understanding of relationship issues.*

Our course, "PREPARE" is the leading relationship assessment and skills building program with over 3 million couples having completed the program worldwide. Prior to attending, couples complete an online questionnaire to identify strength and growth areas.

Cost: $250 per couple

Includes workbook, individual report, Saturday lunch.

*Your privacy is respected. There is no group discussion of individual issues in this course.