Review: My Year at the Ministry Training Program - Lars Vorlicek

The Best Thing about MTP

Knowing that you are doing very real ministry, in a very supported environment. It was really wonderful being able to be helping run the youth nights and camps at St Hils and minister to the youth themselves, experiencing the full depth of what it's like to be in vocational ministry. This was made even better by the grounded theological training we received every week, and having the full support and wisdom of a coach and supervisor. We were able to go all out in our area of ministry without needing to entirely make our own way. 


Why I Took a Year Off to do the MTP

I wanted to dedicate my first year out of high school to God and his work here in Melbourne. For me it was about proving to myself I valued God more than any potential future course or career, and I wanted to serve his church first with my time and skills. 


5 Things I learnt About Myself After Doing the MTP

  1. I really know a lot less about ministry and God's Word than I thought
  2. I have gifts that God can and wants to use for His glory, and they can benefit the local church
  3. My opinion about things matters much, much less than God's
  4. Ministry is a slow grind and it's hard work, and I need real patience and trust in God
  5. I am able to be used by God to achieve real things for his kingdom on Earth, but that is all thanks to him


What I Learnt About God at the MTP

God seriously loves us, and he has a plan to save the world. We can be a part of that plan if we choose, and through us he will bring his kingdom to Earth. He has a story that we are a part of in heaps of different ways, inside and outside of vocational ministry.