Review: My Year at the Ministry Training Program - Madeleine Solomon

The best thing about MTP
Hands down the community and the way we can just do life together. That we all reflect and support one another as we are all challenged and stretched in our ministry roles. Being able to bring a theological reflection to a group of people you know are invested in your journey and want to be there to build you and see Christ transform you is a powerful and effective thing! I loved being vulnerable with a group of strangers right from the get go because we were all there for the same reason, God brought us together to learn from Him! I’m going to miss seeing them every week and I know that what we have shared together will continue to impact the ministries we’re all a part of in the future.

Why I took a year off to do the MTP
I took a year off to do my Internship and MTP because I felt that God was prompting me to make a few changes in my life and to take him and his call a little more seriously. Not to say that everyone needs to do the MTP to take that more seriously (although that would be amazing!), but that getting stuck into his word and how I can serve His kingdom was an amazing eye opener. To who God is in general, spoiler alert He’s pretty amazing, and where He wants me to serve and what I’ll be doing practically with my life. 

5 Things I learnt about myself after doing the MTP

  1. That I need to rely more and more on God’s grace and less on my own expectations of excellence.  I don’t have to have everything perfect (like my first sermon which I thought was a total failure at the time), but that God has plans to shape me and correct me and teach me in His excellent ways and not my own.
  2. That I am a vessel of God’s love and he really does use me and continues to do so every day. To live as a witness and leader shaped by that truth is more important than I probably realised at the start of this year.
  3. That I have an amazing opportunity, responsibility and call to see His Gospel proclaimed to the nations and more specifically to the church and ministries I serve in and the people I meet with every day! That there is urgency in this and that it is okay to mourn over the brokenness of sin, but that it is also possible and essential to rejoice over the love displayed to us through Jesus and the power that this message has to change lives and renew.
  4. That I am gifted and blessed and that God rejoices over me with singing and that fear of man can cripple me from seeing who I am in His eyes, but that trusting in God frees me from fear (1 John 4:18 has been quite prevalent this year).
  5. That I love His Word and studying it and immersing myself in more of Him, probably why I’ve applied to Ridley to let the learning continue in a more formal setting!


What I learnt about God at the MTP

any, many things, but the most profound thing over the course of this year has been a greater understanding of His grace and the assurance that I have in Christ. That I don’t have to perform to the standards of this world because I am confident in how I am striving for a gospel-centred life and that God really does know me, love me and is using me. That God is powerful and magnificent and His will will be done in my life as I seek Him.